Prepper Kid

I'm 10 and I'm prepping for the end of the world.

The Rapture

When I was little, I thought THE RAPTURE was a dinosaur sent from God.


I was quite scared about it coming. I know The Rapture is supposed to be good. But I was really scared about it coming because I saw the raptures in Jurassic park and they are REALLY nasty and ate you. I always wondered why God would choose such a scary thing to take us to heaven. I didn’t think it was his best idea. Image

My plan was to hide in my best hiding place in my dolls house. Even The Rapture could not find me.


Now I’m older I know that’s super stupid!

Mum says the rapture will disappear us off the earth instantaneously. So actually the rapture is just like in Star Trek.



I wish you a happy apocalypse!



Spreading the word

Today we did “spreading the word”

This is NOT my favourite thing because mum and dad usually send me ahead with the flyers.

I put on the biggest smile I can do. 


But usually people just look at me like. 



With each new house I try make sure I keep the smiling going. Image

But still, it’s like people don’t want to be warned that the end of the world is coming. 


By the last house it is very hard to keep smiling. Image




I’m not sure I want to save them anyway. 

My little sister Hope says we should tie them to a chair just for a little while so we can tell them all about the world ending. But Mum says you are not allowed to do that in England.

Dad says England is a great country because we have free speech but what is the point of having free speech if you can’t tie someone to a chair so they will listen to you?! 

God Bless 



PS. PLEASE anyone tell me. How are we supposed to save all these stupid, sweary door slammy people? Any ideas?






Tip: Don’t get attached to your pets just incase you have to eat them

Guess what! I got a new rabbit today

Mum was so mad with Dad for making Mopsy into a casserole she took me out with her shopping.

We went to PETS AT HOME which is a BIG pet shop and I got to pick a new rabbit.


new rabbit

The trouble came after we paid the shop lady.

PK rabbit dinner


I told her the truth.

PK rabbit dinner 2

Actually it wasn’t my idea to call him dinner. It was my new prepper friend from Twitters idea.

Anyways, the lady didn’t look very happy about it.

PK rabbit dinner 3

I reached up for the rabbit.

PK rabbit dinner 4

PK rabbit dinner 5

I knew she had to give him to me. Mum had paid already.

PK rabbit dinner 6

PK rabbit dinner 7

I used my best smile to try and tell her it was okay and I didn’t think dad would eat this one.

PK rabbit dinner 8

I’m not sure she understood.

Have a happy apocalypse!

Love Charity




Today my family ate my pet rabbit :(

Prepper Mopsy Before

Mum was out shopping and Dad was drilling us on making traps in the garden. My trap was better than Hope’s and I was proud… which sinful …which is why my Rabbit died.

I said I thought my trap was better and Dad said.


He let Mopsy out of her hutch. Then I saw what he meant to do and I screamed and told Mopsy to get away but Dad took me and Hope inside and shut the door.

I watched through the window. Dad put mopsy down next to the traps.

He dropped raisins around the traps.

Mops went close to my trap and I hoped it wouldn’t work.

But it did.

The snare got her round the neck and picked her right up in the air like it was meant to. I banged on the window for dad to let her down because it was hurting her.

Dad took the snare off and I thought he was going to let her go but then he held her upside down and pulled on her neck.


Mopsy was completely still.

Dad looked at me through the window and waved Mopsy in his hand.

He said


Prepper Dad Mopsy

But it didn’t feel well done.

I ran upstairs and read my Hobbit book because I wanted to stop thinking about it because I have to be brave because getting upset and being babyish will get you killed. But I got my book wet thinking about mopsy.

Dad made mopsy into a casserole he said I had to eat it or I would get nothing. But it made me feel sick in my tummy. Dad said it was an important lesson.

Prepper Mopsy After


He said Jesus would not be happy if I wasted his gift.

He said to pray to Jesus to say thank you but I prayed secretly in my head that Jesus would make mopsy alive again. But she was all cut up with potatoes and carrots and gravy and Hope had already eaten some of her leg so there was no point really.

Dad says we can’t love animals more than our own family. He asked if I wanted Noah to starve. And I said no but there was lots of other food we already had. Like baked beans and fish fingers and shepherds pie in the freezer. We didn’t HAVE to eat mopsy.

I ate the potatoes and carrots that wasn’t touching bits of Mopsy and then I wouldn’t eat anymore but Dad tried to make me.

Mum came back with Noah then and got she angry with dad but he got even angrier back.

Dad says we have to think like survivors. I do try. I have eaten rabbits before lots. But mopsy was special. She had a really soft nose and pretty eyes.

So I think the moral is that it is hard to be a survivor sometimes.

It is harder than I thought.

I miss my rabbit.

God bless.

PS. Do you think rabbits go to heaven?

PPS. Ask me any questions about prepping that you want.

PPPS. If you want to know how to make a trap here is a picture.

Prepper rabbit trap


By the way I’M A GIRL!!!

Someone asked if I’m a boy or a girl.

I know I look like a boy because I have short hair.

I would LIKE to have looooong hair but dad won’t let me. He says long hair can get lice and diseases more easily when the tribulations start.

He cuts my hair every month so it stays short.

I wish I could have long hair just once so I could wear sparkly clips like Talli does at school. 

God Bless



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How to survive an earthquake (indoors)

Hi anyone.

 I’m pretty tired today because we had an Earthquake drill in the middle of the night again.

 Dad came into our room (I share with Hope) and he screamed…


 and shook our beds so it actually felt like an earthquake was happening. I was so sleepy I forgot what to do for a second but then I remembered.

 I grabbed Hope and we ran into the kitchen and got under the table and holded on to the legs. Hope forgot to do this so I had to remind her.

 Dad shouted at mum because she was slow to get under the table but it was only because Noah was crying and kicking. Noah is only 2 but he knows to put his hands over his head.

 Dad came under the table last and we sat there for AGES. I asked if the earthquake had stopped but dad said no. It was very cold because we were only wearing jimjams.

I really needed the toilet but dad wouldn’t let me go because we had to wait for aftershocks. I had to go in Noahs potty!!! It was horrible. But Dad said it was good training. Then Hope had to go too but the potty was too full so Mum went to empty it but Dad yelled at her for coming out of the table and Noah woke up again and started crying and then Hope started crying too. I didn’t cry because I am brave and I know fear will kill you.


But the important thing to remember when there is an Earthquake:

  • Find a strong table
  • Make sure nothing can fall on you
  • Get under the table and hold on and wait until you know it is safe (even if you need to go).

Mum says there are never really earthquakes in England but Dad says that will change when the end of the world comes. I am not looking forward to the earthquakes. I hate going in a potty.

 I drew a picture of us under the table.


 I’m too tired to write more.

 God Bless



Tip Two: Pack your bag for Armageddon

Happy New Year!

Isn’t it weird that this is going to be the last New Year ever!?

That’s why I REALLY REALLY wanted to stay up to watch the fireworks on TV last night. It was quite hard staying awake all the way until midnight but I DID IT!!!

The fireworks were so pretty it made me a bit sad to think there’s not going to be any fireworks again next year. I guess there’ll be lots of amazing natural disasters and eruptions and things but that’s not the same thing is it? And the natural disasters won’t be set to music, unless you count the Trumpet Sounding.

Does the trumpet play a song? Will it be a song from church? Dad won’t tell me.

Anyways – Today I’m writing about one of things you need to survive. Some people call it a BUG OUT BAG. But I like calling it my Guardian Angel Bag because it protects you when you really really need it.

It’s the bag you grab when everything starts happening and you need to leave your house quickly. It will keep you alive for like three days.

The bag needs to be light and waterproof.

Inside my Guardian Angel Bag I have…

1) Food and Water – enough for 3 days. Pot noodles are good!

2) Waterproof clothes

3) My gas mask – I hate putting it on, it smells funny but it CAN SAVE YOUR LIFE. It kind of looks like this.

Prepper Gas mask

4) Wind up torch – mine has Disney Princesses on it (Before you tell me, I know it’s babyish but I got it AGES ago. )

5) Tablets for making water safe to drink (Made of Iodine)

6) A cooking pot

7) A hunting knife. I got a new one for Christmas from Dad. It’s a BEAR GRILLS KNIFE!! Cool right! It looks like this.

Prepper Knife

8) My last thing you don’t really need to bring, but something to keep you happy. I have a copy of The Hobbit but you can choose anything you want.

What would you put in your Guardian Angel Bag?

Phew! That’s all for today!

God Bless



Tip One: Don’t be scared!

Thats what mum said to me when she told me the end of the world is happening this year.

Actually it’s a good thing because it will sort out the bad from the good people and the good people will survive and the bad people wont. So there will only be good people left. 

I hope Ellie and Talli count as good people because they are my best friends and I want them to survive too. They are in my class at school. Mum says they have to believe in god to survive so I’m not sure about Talli. She is indian and doesn’t go to church. EEK!

I will have to save her somehow. I still have lots of months left.

We have bought loads of food for when the world ends. The shop man thought we were having a big christmas party but mum and dad just put the food in the cellar for when the Trumpet Sounds and the Horsemen come and the world ends. But we’ll be okay. We have loads of cans of soup. I don’t like the mushroom one so I got mum to buy lots of tomato and put it on my shelf in the cellar.

Mum says there will be lots of signs that the world is ending. I look for them all the time, but I don’t know what they look like. My teacher doesn’t even know!

Anyway! Keep looking for the signs! Tell me if you see any.  

This blog is to help other kids who are prepping for the end. I know there are lots but sometimes I feel like I’m the only one. 

God bless.



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