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Tip Two: Pack your bag for Armageddon

on January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

Isn’t it weird that this is going to be the last New Year ever!?

That’s why I REALLY REALLY wanted to stay up to watch the fireworks on TV last night. It was quite hard staying awake all the way until midnight but I DID IT!!!

The fireworks were so pretty it made me a bit sad to think there’s not going to be any fireworks again next year. I guess there’ll be lots of amazing natural disasters and eruptions and things but that’s not the same thing is it? And the natural disasters won’t be set to music, unless you count the Trumpet Sounding.

Does the trumpet play a song? Will it be a song from church? Dad won’t tell me.

Anyways – Today I’m writing about one of things you need to survive. Some people call it a BUG OUT BAG. But I like calling it my Guardian Angel Bag because it protects you when you really really need it.

It’s the bag you grab when everything starts happening and you need to leave your house quickly. It will keep you alive for like three days.

The bag needs to be light and waterproof.

Inside my Guardian Angel Bag I have…

1) Food and Water – enough for 3 days. Pot noodles are good!

2) Waterproof clothes

3) My gas mask – I hate putting it on, it smells funny but it CAN SAVE YOUR LIFE. It kind of looks like this.

Prepper Gas mask

4) Wind up torch – mine has Disney Princesses on it (Before you tell me, I know it’s babyish but I got it AGES ago. )

5) Tablets for making water safe to drink (Made of Iodine)

6) A cooking pot

7) A hunting knife. I got a new one for Christmas from Dad. It’s a BEAR GRILLS KNIFE!! Cool right! It looks like this.

Prepper Knife

8) My last thing you don’t really need to bring, but something to keep you happy. I have a copy of The Hobbit but you can choose anything you want.

What would you put in your Guardian Angel Bag?

Phew! That’s all for today!

God Bless



3 responses to “Tip Two: Pack your bag for Armageddon

  1. Josephine says:

    Hello Charity!

    I am ten too. But I would like to add a pillow in my guardian angel bag. That and a packet of Haribos.

    Are you a girl or a boy?
    You look like a boy. But I also know girls that cut their hair short.


    • prepperkid says:

      A pillow is a good idea but you can make one with your bag and clothes. It is hard to carry around a pillow and you might have to run away from fire and brimstone really fast so it is best not to pack too much.

      Haribo is nice 🙂 Sugar is important, mum says.

      I am a girl. I know I look like a boy. It’s cos dad doesn’t let me have long hair cos it could spread diseases.

      Do you have long hair? I would like long hair.

      God bless


  2. JacLynn says:

    My 12 y/o son got the same knife for his 10th birthday. It’s a good one.

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