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How to survive an earthquake (indoors)

on January 2, 2013

Hi anyone.

 I’m pretty tired today because we had an Earthquake drill in the middle of the night again.

 Dad came into our room (I share with Hope) and he screamed…


 and shook our beds so it actually felt like an earthquake was happening. I was so sleepy I forgot what to do for a second but then I remembered.

 I grabbed Hope and we ran into the kitchen and got under the table and holded on to the legs. Hope forgot to do this so I had to remind her.

 Dad shouted at mum because she was slow to get under the table but it was only because Noah was crying and kicking. Noah is only 2 but he knows to put his hands over his head.

 Dad came under the table last and we sat there for AGES. I asked if the earthquake had stopped but dad said no. It was very cold because we were only wearing jimjams.

I really needed the toilet but dad wouldn’t let me go because we had to wait for aftershocks. I had to go in Noahs potty!!! It was horrible. But Dad said it was good training. Then Hope had to go too but the potty was too full so Mum went to empty it but Dad yelled at her for coming out of the table and Noah woke up again and started crying and then Hope started crying too. I didn’t cry because I am brave and I know fear will kill you.


But the important thing to remember when there is an Earthquake:

  • Find a strong table
  • Make sure nothing can fall on you
  • Get under the table and hold on and wait until you know it is safe (even if you need to go).

Mum says there are never really earthquakes in England but Dad says that will change when the end of the world comes. I am not looking forward to the earthquakes. I hate going in a potty.

 I drew a picture of us under the table.


 I’m too tired to write more.

 God Bless



4 responses to “How to survive an earthquake (indoors)

  1. Al says:

    Your dad sounds mean. It must be hard using a potty in an earthquake. I would worry about falling over.


    • prepperkid says:

      Hi Al

      You are my first comment ever!
      Thank you for reading. I hope it is useful.

      Mum says he’s not mean, he just wants us to be safe. I don’t like it when there’s shouting though.

      I think it would be harder to use a potty in an actual earthquake but this was only a pretend one to practice so it was easy, but yucky.

      It’s harder to get excited about a pretend earthquake because nothing really happens and you end up feeling like you are under a table in the middle of the night for nothing.

      Are you preparing too Al? I hope so!

      God bless you


      • Al says:

        I don’t like shouting either it makes me sad when mum and dad do it.

        Pretend earthquakes are fun! My sister and I played at it and fell over a lot. Mum asked what I was doing and I said I was preparing and she said I was being silly.

        Are there any more preparing games?


      • prepperkid says:

        Dad plays a game when he’s a terrorist and we have to hide really good so he doesn’t find us. It is quite fun but a little bit scary too.

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