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Today my family ate my pet rabbit :(

on January 3, 2013

Prepper Mopsy Before

Mum was out shopping and Dad was drilling us on making traps in the garden. My trap was better than Hope’s and I was proud… which sinful …which is why my Rabbit died.

I said I thought my trap was better and Dad said.


He let Mopsy out of her hutch. Then I saw what he meant to do and I screamed and told Mopsy to get away but Dad took me and Hope inside and shut the door.

I watched through the window. Dad put mopsy down next to the traps.

He dropped raisins around the traps.

Mops went close to my trap and I hoped it wouldn’t work.

But it did.

The snare got her round the neck and picked her right up in the air like it was meant to. I banged on the window for dad to let her down because it was hurting her.

Dad took the snare off and I thought he was going to let her go but then he held her upside down and pulled on her neck.


Mopsy was completely still.

Dad looked at me through the window and waved Mopsy in his hand.

He said


Prepper Dad Mopsy

But it didn’t feel well done.

I ran upstairs and read my Hobbit book because I wanted to stop thinking about it because I have to be brave because getting upset and being babyish will get you killed. But I got my book wet thinking about mopsy.

Dad made mopsy into a casserole he said I had to eat it or I would get nothing. But it made me feel sick in my tummy. Dad said it was an important lesson.

Prepper Mopsy After


He said Jesus would not be happy if I wasted his gift.

He said to pray to Jesus to say thank you but I prayed secretly in my head that Jesus would make mopsy alive again. But she was all cut up with potatoes and carrots and gravy and Hope had already eaten some of her leg so there was no point really.

Dad says we can’t love animals more than our own family. He asked if I wanted Noah to starve. And I said no but there was lots of other food we already had. Like baked beans and fish fingers and shepherds pie in the freezer. We didn’t HAVE to eat mopsy.

I ate the potatoes and carrots that wasn’t touching bits of Mopsy and then I wouldn’t eat anymore but Dad tried to make me.

Mum came back with Noah then and got she angry with dad but he got even angrier back.

Dad says we have to think like survivors. I do try. I have eaten rabbits before lots. But mopsy was special. She had a really soft nose and pretty eyes.

So I think the moral is that it is hard to be a survivor sometimes.

It is harder than I thought.

I miss my rabbit.

God bless.

PS. Do you think rabbits go to heaven?

PPS. Ask me any questions about prepping that you want.

PPPS. If you want to know how to make a trap here is a picture.

Prepper rabbit trap


2 responses to “Today my family ate my pet rabbit :(

  1. James says:

    So do pets have souls? Do they go to heaven? God knows. For now, “we see through a glass darkly.” Instead of speculating or making strained proof-texts, let us instead give thanks to God for the great gift of joy he has given us in our pets. Let us be confident in the knowledge that whatever his plans for our animal friends, all will be perfection and light.

    • prepperkid says:

      Dear James,

      Thank you for you lovely comment. I think my rabbit is in heaven. I would let Jesus stroke him if he was gentle. My new rabbit is called dinner just in case.
      Do you do much spreading the word? If you do I would like your help on how to do it without people slamming their doors.
      Thank you!
      x T

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