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Spreading the word

on January 7, 2013

Today we did “spreading the word”

This is NOT my favourite thing because mum and dad usually send me ahead with the flyers.

I put on the biggest smile I can do. 


But usually people just look at me like. 



With each new house I try make sure I keep the smiling going. Image

But still, it’s like people don’t want to be warned that the end of the world is coming. 


By the last house it is very hard to keep smiling. Image




I’m not sure I want to save them anyway. 

My little sister Hope says we should tie them to a chair just for a little while so we can tell them all about the world ending. But Mum says you are not allowed to do that in England.

Dad says England is a great country because we have free speech but what is the point of having free speech if you can’t tie someone to a chair so they will listen to you?! 

God Bless 



PS. PLEASE anyone tell me. How are we supposed to save all these stupid, sweary door slammy people? Any ideas?






4 responses to “Spreading the word

  1. Monica A says:

    Can I ask how you determined September 17th as the day the world will end?

    • prepperkid says:

      Hi Monica!

      Thank you for your question. It is a very good one. I asked my dad for you because I don’t know exactly. He says that Pastor (thats the head of our church) can talk to god and god told him. But also he says you can work it out from stuff in the bible if you know the secret codes god has put in it. (I haven’t been given the codes because I am too young).

      It is a shame it is coming in September because I would like another christmas. I would like to ride a horse for my christmas preset. Maybe I can get it early?

      Maybe on of the 4 horsemen will let me have a go? What do you think?

      God bless!


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