Prepper Kid

I'm 10 and I'm prepping for the end of the world.


Me and teddy

My name is Charity. I’m not allowed to tell you my sir name.

I live in England near London

I am 10 years old (nearly 11.)

This is our last year on earth and I want to spend it helping other kids.

My other hobbies are reading and gymnastics, hunting and surviving.

The bible tells us the world will end this year if you are actually clever enough to work it out.

There will be lots of disasters and trials and tribulations before the end so we have to be prepared. My family are very prepared.

If you have any questions on how to prepare please ask me.

It is our job to stay alive while the world is washed clean and believe in Jesus with all our hearts so we can be saved.

Dad always says my two best survival tools are my Bear Grylls knife and my faith in GOD.

prepper profile



My blood family is small. I have…

Mum and Dad

Mum is pretty and dad is hansom. Dad goes to work as a carpenter (like Jesus).


(2 and a half years old)

He is cute and really funny but NOT when he cries. Then he’s like Satan’s in him.


(7 years old)

She is annoying because she always breaks stuff and ruins things. But it is my job to protect her.

I have a grandma and a grandpa but we don’t see them anymore. Dad says they can’t be saved which is really sad – but don’t worry I will save them if I can.

My Church family is bigger. Sometimes there are 20 of us, but usually about 12

When I was small we went to a HUGE church but now we go to church in Pastor’s house and there is less singing and no Sunday school. But Dad says this church is right and the old church is wrong.


Be safe. Be prepared. God Bless.




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